It is important to plan your move and find a removal company you can trust. Birmingham removals services are readily available, however finding one to fit your family budget and needs can be challenging. Movers specialises in the relocation of large and smaller families. From helping with packing, to giving you tips on the best places to purchase removal boxes, we can assist in all areas of your move. You can get tips from us to reduce the stress of your move.

Making an inventory is the most important step in planning a move. While it’s rare to lose a mattress or wardrobe during a move, smaller items are more likely to get misplaced. In the event that something does go missing, the inventory will be invaluable as proof. Safe deposit boxes are a great way to keep valuables like jewellery and documents safe during the house move.

Be sure to order enough packaging and place your order as soon as possible. Small Moving can suggest packaging providers who offer nationwide delivery. Keep in mind that the normal cardboard box is only one-thickness, which makes it not very durable. To ensure proper protection as well as boxes that will not collapse once full, we recommend boxes with double thickness. Bubble wrap works well to protect delicate objects but newspaper is also effective, cheaper and just as efficient. Once your packaging has arrived, start packing the non-essentials. Many items, including deckchairs winter coats wellies etc, depend on what season it is. Many items such as books and ornaments can be thrown in the bag immediately, irrespective of weather.

When you are done packing a box, make sure to label it. Label the box as soon as you have packed it! Be sure to mark your box if its contents are fragile. The movers are usually careful when handling boxes. However, if the box is marked “fragile”, it will be stacked at the very top and given more attention. You can use bedding or linens to pack fragile items. Just make sure they are clearly labeled so that anyone unpacking the boxes knows what’s inside.

Make sure all parts of furniture and other items are packaged together. Screws or smaller (but essential) pieces should also be packed in an item-specific bag. Avoid scratching antique wooden furniture by wrapping it properly. The moving of house plants is a headache. However, a little bubble wrap and gardeners fleece will ensure there are no damages. When moving houseplants, it is best to leave the wrapping until last-minute. Once unwrapped, they should be placed as soon as practical in their new place.