SoulCybin, what is it?

SoulCybin or “the Soul Molecule,” is a chemical compound that is synthesized using psilocybin. The psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms and other species of mushrooms. Psilocybin’s ability to induce altered mental states, and often profound spiritual experiences is why it has been used in indigenous ceremonies for centuries.

SoulCybin is an innovative psilocybin-based chemical modification that maximizes its therapeutic benefits while minimizing any side effects. This substance was initially studied to see if it could be used as a treatment for mental health conditions such a depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD), or addiction.

Origins and Development

SoulCybin owes its development to pioneering researchers who worked in the area of psychedelic sciences. As the legal, regulatory and social climate surrounding psychedelics started to change, scientists looked for ways to harness these compounds’ therapeutic potentials without the uncertainty that comes with using and sourcing natural psychedelics.

SoulCybin came about as a result of the desire to produce a standardized, pharmaceutically-grade compound. This would be easy to administer in clinical settings. It was synthesized through modifying the chemical structures of psilocybin for improved safety, efficacy and controlledability.

Effects & Mechanisms

SoulCybin shares with its parent compound psilocybin many of its psychological effects. After being ingested it is metabolized and converted into Psilocin. This affects primarily the serotonin neurons in the mind. This interaction can cause profound changes to consciousness, cognition and perception.

SoulCybin’s common side effects include:

Visual and auditory illusions
Self-reflection, enhanced introspection
Alteration of the senses of time, space
Feelings a sense of interconnectedness to nature and the universe
Emotional experiences that are both positive and challenging
SoulCybin often is associated with the possibility of “ego decomposition,” in which people experience a temporary misplacement of their self-identity, leading them to have transformative and spiritually significant experiences.

Therapeutic Potential

SoulCybin still hasn’t been fully studied, but the preliminary findings are encouraging. Clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate its effectiveness as a treatment for conditions like addiction, anxiety, and depression.

SoulCybin offers the possibility of lasting therapeutic benefit with only one or two guided sessions. SoulCybin-assisted therapies have led to lasting and profound changes in the way patients view life, their well-being and mental health.

Regulatory Challenges

SoulCybin offers many benefits but also comes with significant regulatory hurdles. SoulCybin falls under the category of controlled substances.

As their therapeutic benefit continues to grow there is an increasing demand to revisit these regulations. Some regions have already taken measures to decriminalize and legalize the use of psychedelics in medical or recreational settings.